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Tired of living a mundane life in the same place? Dallas could be your perfect fit if you're looking to take a leap and move to a new city. We can confidently say it's a great place to call home. Not only does it have its unique charm and culture, but there are also plenty of exciting opportunities to explore here. From affordable living options to vibrant cultural attractions, this city is full of life – and it's worth considering if you're looking for an exciting new place to live. But where should you start? A few of Dallas's top neighborhoods are listed here!

What is it Like Living in Dallas, Texas?

Dallas is a magnificent city in Texas because it offers a lot of chances, top-notch schools, and the most fantastic southern hospitality. Dallas is a big metropolitan area in Northern Texas with 1.3 million residents. It is widely recognized for its spectacular weather and thriving business. Families and young professionals relocating to Texas like it since it is regarded as among the nicest areas to live in the State.

Uptown/DowntownDowntown is among the best places to live in Dallas, with its high-end boutiques and upscale restaurants. Whether you're a business professional or an artist looking for inspiration, these areas have something for everyone – plus, they are conveniently located near major transportation lines.

Moreover, plenty of green spaces nearby, such as Klyde Warren Park and the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden, making Uptown/Downtown perfect for outdoor enthusiasts.

How is life in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas?

The Dallas-Fort Worth area boasts a unique blend of Texas spirit and worldly goods, delivering both big-city bustle and calm, suburban life. While Dallas residents enjoy the hip neighborhood pubs and a wide variety of retail stores, the cowboy lifestyle is still present in the DFW area.

Likewise, sports fans unite around their favorite professional sports teams, regardless of where in the metro area they reside.

Young professionals are more likely to reside in Dallas-Fort Worth metro than the surrounding suburbs, populated mainly by young families seeking a connected neighborhood or quick access to the metropolis.

As a result of the influx of individuals from both demographic groups, the region's population has increased from roughly 5.8 million in 2005 to over 7 million as of today. Families seeking their ideal house and workers trying to further their professions have been attracted to new projects.

The Best Dallas, Texas Neighborhoods

Nestled in the heart of Texas, Dallas is an underrated gem of a city and offers some truly great neighborhoods. From its vibrant DowntownDowntown to its charming suburbs, Dallas has something for everyone – but it's worth your time to research before settling down in any area. Below, we'll explore some of the best places to call home in this Lone Star metropolis, highlighting their unique features and giving insight into what life is like in each 'hood. So break out your checklist, and let's get started!

Design District

Even though there are many diverse neighborhoods, Dallas Design District has developed into a must-visit and must-live area.

The Design District is the best place to go for anything related to art, culture, community events, antiquities, and style. The streets are lined with upscale interior decor showrooms, art exhibitions, and distinctive shops that will fill your house with delights.

There are also excellent restaurants in the Design District that serve a variety of delectable foods for any event on any given day.

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Bishop Arts District

Bishop Arts District has swiftly emerged as the go-to location for millennials searching for low-cost accommodation, despite its origins as a warehouse district. Bishop Arts, one of Dallas's most distinctive communities, has a small-town feel while having a multitude of art galleries, restaurants, and communal activities like the monthly Wine Walks.

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The most significant art district in the country is located in this Dallas neighborhood, which is now a popular tourist spot. This trendy neighborhood, located just southwest of downtown Dallas, is home to boast-worthy eateries, such as artisan candy stores like Dude, Sweet Chocolate, and The Dallas Grilled Cheese Co.

Bishop Arts also retains a significant Hispanic presence and is evenly diversified with single mid-30 adults and young families. The designated schools for Bishop Arts District residents include W.H. Adamson High School, W.E. Greiner Middle School, and John H. Reagan Elementary School.

University Park — Southern Methodist University

University Park is more than just a suburban town, despite being named after the Southern Methodist University it is home to. The Dallas neighborhood of University Park is also rated as the third most habitable neighborhood in all of Texas and the US.

Although University Park has expensive homes, many people consider the area's close proximity to the city center and wealth of facilities to be worth it. University Park residents are privileged to have a world-class public education system that begins in preschool and lasts into high school.

Uptown Dallas

In the center of the Big D, Dallas' Uptown neighborhood offers the ultimate urban lifestyle. The area has many quaint stores, places to have fun, and art museums, putting it among the most accessible areas for pedestrians in the city.

Take the McKinney Avenue Trolley, a historic Dallas streetcar route that provides free transportation to the Arts District.

Cinephiles will enjoy the Magnolia Theater, a restaurant and movie theater where you can relax while watching indie and Hollywood blockbusters. The Katy Trail, a former railway route that now offers the ideal location for a group stroll, is easily accessible for nature enthusiasts. The Katy Trail Ice House, the best place to have a bite to eat or a drink, is where the trail comes to an end.

White Rock

White Rock is a popular area for homebuyers who want to live close to White Rock Lake, connect with nature, and soak up the sun.

They may enjoy White Rock's bike and walking routes and relax by the lake. Additionally, they can return to their Dallas-built residences in the Craftsman and Renaissance styles.

White Rock is undoubtedly one of Dallas' top 8 communities since it has access to the city's only lake and is situated in one of its superior school systems. Lakefront houses may list for several million dollars.

Downtown Dallas

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Most first-time tourists should seek to remain Downtown. However, you may take into account the marginally more entertaining Uptown (with more costly accommodations).

Numerous destinations, including the West End's JFK-related sites and the museums and art galleries are nearby, and there is a wide variety of lodging options. The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza, The JFK Memorial Plaza, the recognizable grassy mound connected to the Kennedy assassination, and the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge that connects Downtown Dallas to West Dallas are all located in the West End of Downtown Dallas. There are also many fantastic restaurants and pubs to select from, even if there are better spots to dine or hang out.

A bit further away from the hustle and bustle of Downtown lies Oak Lawn/Cedar Springs. This vibrant neighborhood offers residents a mix of urban amenities and relaxed living conditions. Five miles northeast, The George W. Bush Presidential Center, which is a contemporary museum devoted to the life and work of George Bush, and the Meadows Museum, which houses a collection of great Spanish art, are the two main attractions for tourists.

Preston Hollow

Anyone seeking a high-end Dallas area should consider Preston Hollow. The large lots in Preston Hollow make the neighborhood unbeatable regarding real estate in Dallas.

One of Dallas' most affluent neighborhoods is Preston Hollow. This area is close to Walnut Hill Lane and the North Dallas Tollway. Additionally, some of Dallas' most esteemed private schools are accessible to the locals.

The 1920s and 1930s saw the construction of a large number of Preston Hollow's luxurious mansions. Because of their old design, several of Preston Hollow's roadways need sidewalks and curbs. However, they are lined by enormous, ancient oak trees. Although properties in this Dallas neighborhood may cost as much as $30 million, the average price is $767,055.

Oak Lawn

Oak Lawn, the hub of the LGBT community in Dallas, is home to a thriving nightlife and hosts the yearly Dallas Pride march along Cedar Springs Road. With fewer-than-average households and children living there, the city predominantly attracts adults in their mid-20s and late-30s.

However, the historic district also boasts stunning brick buildings and large ancient mansions with columned terraces that add to its rich design and abundance of taverns, clubs, and eateries.

Houses in this city provide quick access to Love Field (the Southwest Airlines hub), downtown Dallas, and other nearby destinations.


Lakewood offers waterfront living in the heart of the Big D and is situated along the western bank of White Rock Lake. With a picturesque background of rolling hills and an abundance of wildlife, Lakewood's older homes provide a varied blend of architectural appeal.

Due to its location, this area is a top choice for home seekers. The gorgeous houses in Lakewood, which cost an average of $837,00, are renowned for their casual grandeur. This area has several authentic Artisan, Bungalow, and Medieval homes. In keeping with the design of the old community, modern residences have been included.

Some of the best Texas schools, such as Woodrow Wilson High School and Lakewood Elementary, are located in Lakewood. Both institutions have stellar rankings and well-known graduates.

The Balcony Club is popular with live music fans. Bowlski, a lively bowling alley, is now located in the old Lakewood Theater, where residents flock to bowl and share a drink.

Who Resides in Texas's Dallas-Fort Worth?

Twelve counties are included in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Rental housing in big cities is occupied by young professionals and young couples without kids. In contrast, surrounding suburban communities are populated by families. Older people make up just about 10% of the population in Dallas and Tarrant counties. The surrounding counties, including Hood County, also provide a peaceful living.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of housing in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX?

The real estate market in DFW has recently been booming. The cost of renting in the city center has increased as an increasing number of professionals relocate to DFW. Along with the increase in housing demand, property prices have also increased.

However, when analyzing home prices to the median family income, the Dallas-Fort Worth region provides a superior bargain than other comparably sized metro regions.

How much money must you earn to live in Dallas?

The suggested annual household income for a one-bedroom apartment in Dallas is around $48,040, or $24.02 per hour. Dallas's projected median family income is $58,231.

Is Dallas among the finest cities to live in?

Yes. Dallas is a desirable location and is a top choice for families and young people moving to Texas. It is also recognized as one of the best places in Texas to reside. Dallas boasts its well-kept neighborhoods and highly prized communities and is regarded as one of the safest major cities in the country.

Is Dallas safe to live in?

Although Dallas has higher-than-average crime rates, there are several safe places to reside in.

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