Dallas is full of vibrant neighborhoods filled with character, and the cost of housing reflects that. While prices for both buyers and renters in Dallas are rising, there's still plenty of opportunity to own or rent a property at an affordable rate.

If you're looking for a new place to call home, the cost of living in Dallas can be quite reasonable. The median home price in Dallas is $410,000, which for a city of its size is surprisingly low.

On the other hand, those wanting to rent have it pretty good too - with the average apartment coming in at around $1200/month. What's more, some neighborhoods are even more affordable than these averages suggest.

The median household income in Dallas as of 2021 is $69,021 setting it almost at the national average. This coupled with the relatively low accommodation prices makes the cost of living in Dallas TX very affordable.

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Transportation expenses

Going around Dallas, TX can be easily done - there's an extensive and efficient public transportation system. According to public sources, taking public transport requires a nominal fee of 2.75$ per ride, and the monthly pass can be bought for only 96$.

However, most visitors prefer a car to get around town. Gas stations in Dallas usually charge 0.89$ per liter of fuel, and taxis 1.12$ per kilometer.

All these affordable options make Dallas a great place when it comes to making daily commutes without breaking your wallet.

Average Food Costs in Dallas, TX

Eating Out

With an abundance of restaurants to choose from, you can always find something that fits your budget here. Whether you are looking for a quick sandwich or a fancy gourmet meal, there is something for everyone. Prices vary depending on the type of restaurant and the venue - while upscale restaurants may have higher prices, there are plenty of more affordable options that serve delicious meals.

On average a meal at an inexpensive restaurant will set you back roughly $20. If you plan on dining out a bit more extravagantly with a three-course meal for two people, that’ll cost around $75.

Beer prices are even better; grab a draught of domestic beer for just $5 or indulge in an imported bottle for $7. Anyone after caffeine? There's no reason to break the bank there either; your cappuccino will only set you back about $4.65.

Cost of living calculator for groceries in Dallas


Shopping for groceries in Dallas, TX is an experience you don’t want to miss. The city is well-known for its fresh produce and diverse selection of grocery stores that offer a variety of products at competitive prices. You can find organic items and more budget-friendly options depending on where you shop.

If you're looking to plan a budget-friendly dinner in Dallas, TX, then you are in luck! With a loaf of bread costing only $3.41, a gallon of milk at $2.18, and eggs for just $1.54, the basics are easy and affordable! Add some bananas for only $3.31, and a hamburger for under $5.00.

Shopping in Dallas offers a great way to eat healthy without breaking the bank, with an abundance of quality choices available at pocket-friendly prices that make stocking your pantry easy and enjoyable.

Healthcare Costs

Dallas, TX is home to some of the most affordable healthcare in the nation. The cost of healthcare here has been steadily decreasing, allowing Dallas residents and visitors alike to get quality medical care without breaking their budget.

A visit to a doctor costs just $131 while seeing a dentist is slightly lower at $112. Even getting an optometrist checkup is quite affordable at $122. Those with furry friends can also rest easy knowing that veterinary visits are more accessible than ever before, with prices coming in at just $58 on average per visit.

Utility expenses in Dallas, TX

Dallas, Texas is an area known for its hot summers, so it's no surprise that utility expenses are a top item on everyone's budget.

On average, residents with an 85-meter squared apartment can expect to pay roughly $180 for basic utilities such as electricity, heating/cooling, and water.

Aside from the basic utilities, there are tech-based amenities offered in the area. An internet connection with speeds up to 1000 Mbps or more including unlimited data options can be found at prices ranging from around $70 per month.

This leaves the estimated monthly costs for utilities at around $250 per month which is around 10% higher than the national average.

Using a cost of living calculator to calculate the cost of living in Dallas based on four estimated monthly costs

Cost of Living Index

With a healthy median household income, a low median home price, and affordable transportation expenses Dallas ranks very well on the Cost of Living Index (COLI).

Based on community and economic research, Dallas offers a comfortable quality of life for a fraction of the price found in other major cities in the country. The COLI ranks the cost of essential household items such as food, housing, transportation, and healthcare - finding that Dallas comes in at a considerably lower score than comparable cities with similar populations.

Accommodation prices are particularly affordable - ranging from cheaper rentals to more expensive single-family homes. So while natives may complain about the slow traffic and heatwaves, it's nice to know that residents of Dallas experience an incredibly low cost of living compared to many other big cities in America.

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