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Is Dallas, TX, a safe place to live? That's a question that many people have asked over the years. On the one hand, Dallas is one of the most economically prosperous cities in the country, and it has a strong economy and a vibrant arts scene. On the other hand, Dallas may not be as safe as other metro areas in Texas. However, it is regarded as one of America's safest major cities

Dallas, TX, is an inviting city with more to offer than just its southern hospitality. But as any resident can tell you, safety should always be top of mind when deciding whether or not to call this sprawling Texan city home. With decades of experience navigating life in Dallas under our belt, let's explore whether it is a safe place to live.

Safe Places to Stay in Dallas

Finding a neighborhood in Dallas for your visit is difficult because the city has many beautiful, safe, and enjoyable communities. However, each of them has a unique atmosphere and peculiarity.

Additionally, your preferences and lifestyle needs will all play a role in determining the ideal area in Dallas. If you’re looking for a well-located and safe place to live in Dallas, look no further than the Dunhill, located in the Design District.

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Crime Rates and Crime Statistics

Treading the line between personal experience and factual accuracy, Dallas, Texas' fluctuating crime rates require a nuanced approach. For those familiar with the area, understanding current trends can be an art to recognize subtle changes in criminal activity.

Below, we'll explore recent crime statistics in Dallas while providing a more engaging and meaningful take on the subject.

For starters, it's important to note that Dallas' violent crime rate has declined precipitously over the past decade. From 2009 to 2019, homicides dropped by 44%, robberies decreased by an astounding 71%, and rapes decreased by 25%. These figures are even more impressive when juxtaposed against other major US cities; in 2019, Dallas was considered safer in many aspects than Chicago, New York City, and Los Angeles.

Dallas does not feature in the top 20 most dangerous US cities according to crime statistics from World Population Review's top violent crime cities in America.

Additionally, the 100 USA cities with the highest crime rates are included in the most recent rating by neighborhood scout. Once again, Dallas is not featured on this list, unlike Houston, Memphis, and Saint Louis.

Violent Crime Rate

Dallas recorded 11,131 violent crimes in 2021, at a rate of 863.90 violent crimes per 100,000 residents.

Violent crime has reduced by 3% year over year, as the police forces crack down on criminal activity to ensure a safe space for everybody.

There Are Only A Few Areas In Dallas Where Violent Crime Is Prevalent

Geographically speaking, violent crime in Dallas is restricted mainly to a few neighborhoods. The total recorded violent crime on Dallas streets in 2020 was 5.9% of the grid systems, according to researchers who examined a year's worth of violent crime in Dallas.

The most violent neighborhoods in Dallas have historically been those in beats 744 and 731 (South Central Division), 318 (Southeast Division), and 454 (Southwest Division). To increase your security in Dallas, it’s best to exercise caution when visiting these areas at night where possible. 

Property Crime Rates

The number of property crimes recorded in Dallas in 2021 was 46,149, with a property crime rate of about 3,500 per 100,000 residents.

Dallas has seen a 2% reduction in property crime over the past year. The property crime victimization rate in Dallas is still relatively low, particularly for those actively taking security precautions, or living in gated communities.

Dallas Crime Risks and Warnings

Crime in General: Moderate

Gun crime rates are on the rise in several American communities of all kinds. A strategic Violent Crime Reduction Plan has been implemented by the current police chief. Explore Dallas whenever you can, but be sensible and cautious like you would in any big city.

Risk of Natural Disasters: Moderate

Dallas is susceptible to storms, such as tornadoes, flash floods, and rare snowstorms. Even though it is not a typical location for winter conditions, blackouts and closed roads are likely when it happens.

There is a medium danger, but pay close attention to the Spring weather, when the tornado season is at its peak.

Risk For Women Travelers: Moderate

Men are considerably more likely to be the target of violent crimes than women, who make up 42% of the victims. The rate of sexual harassment is still greater than the average for the country.

Because of the numerous high-crime regions, we classify this neighborhood as medium risk. However, when indulging in Dallas' fantastic nightlife, you should take extra precautions and use the "buddy system" with your friends.

A classic bar technique for ladies is to ask a bartender for an "Angel Shot." The bartender will step in to support you as you make your way to safety, as this is a signal of distress.

Risk of Mugging: Moderate

Although the rate of robberies is higher than the national average, it has drastically fallen since the new enforcement strategy was effectively implemented to reduce mugging.

Through local law enforcement, the percentage of robberies in public areas has significantly reduced. Efforts are ongoing to further lower the medium risk.

Risk of Transport Crime: Low

The DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) is a public transit network that connects various districts. Install the GoPass application to obtain real-time bus tracking information, ticketing, and route data.

Taxis and ride-sharing services will be highly accessible. It's also a good idea to drive your own vehicle.

Scam Risk: Low

Even if there isn't an immediate risk that a visitor would be conned, it's a good idea to research the most common tourist scams in major cities. This includes phony rental advertisements, con artists posing as hotel front desk staff and requesting personal details, or anyone pestering you to book tickets to an event.

If somebody calls for information, always confirm the request identification, and proceed to the reception.

Unsafe Tap Water Risk:

Based on the 2021 Water Quality Report, Dallas water is safe to consume and bathe in. Every requirement was fulfilled or surpassed.

Dallas Security Recommendations For Visitors

While it’s more common for visitors to get around DAllas safely than not, with these tips you can ensure your time here is enjoyable and safe!

  • Schedule your trips beforehand to avoid taking shortcuts, and stay in areas with higher pedestrian traffic and well-lit routes.
  • Know the city's layout inside and out. Recognize where you should go and unsafe areas.
  • Be aware of your surroundings.
  • Avoid using headphones and being absorbed in your smartphone. Avoid drinking too much alcohol. When in a foreign environment, it's essential to be fully alert, and stay close to friends.
  • Never leave valuables exposed or in your car.
  • Keep your touring to the daytime hours.
  • Avoid venturing out alone at night. Instead, use one of the many Ubers the city offers, or hail a cab.
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What is Life Like in Dallas?

The many cultures of the nearby cities make Dallas a terrific location to live. Everyone can find something here! It boasts excellent schools, many possibilities, and fantastic southern hospitality.

Dallas, which is in the state's northeastern region, has 1.3 million citizens, making it the third-most populous Texas city and the ninth-largest metropolis overall. Dallas and neighboring Fort Worth are sometimes grouped together. The Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) metroplex is home to the most people in the Southern United States.

Ten Fortune 500 firms, including American Airlines, AT&T, and ExxonMobil, are based in the DFW region. Dallas also has more affordable housing than other cities. The median household income is $42,259.

Dallas has lower housing, healthcare, and food costs than the rest of the country. According to Rent Jungle, the city's average rent is $1,228 per month.

Zillow estimates that the average house value in Dallas is $237,200. It's easy to understand why people are moving to Texas by comparing it to the prices in Denver ($484,264), Miami ($379,460), or San Francisco ($1,385,625).

Final Words

In conclusion, Dallas, TX, is a city with its unique charm, and while it has seen its fair share of crime, plenty of measures are in place that help keep Dallas safe. Dallas is a great place to call home with its booming economy, rich culture, and friendly people. With a bit of research, and standard vigilance, you can feel comfortable knowing that Dallas is a safe and secure place for you and your family.

At The Dunhill Design District, we don't just help you find a cafe space to live in, we make it possible to live beyond your expectations. We are constantly working to assist you in finding comfort, security, and living beautifully in Dallas.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dallas a Secure City?

Although the FBI figures are somewhat misleading, many Dallas locals believe their city to be secure. This is because most violent crime in Dallas tends to be concentrated in particular locations.

Most individuals should be okay with visiting the city as long as they avoid certain areas.

However, crime statistics should be kept in mind to understand Dallas's crime rate. 

Is it safe to walk around Dallas at night?

Only in densely populated regions and neighborhoods with low crime levels is it safe to stroll around at night in Dallas. However, you should exercise particular caution when strolling at night in any large city, particularly as it gets close to midnight.

Avoid visiting South Dallas, Fair Park, North-West Dallas, Oak Cliff, and Pleasant Grove after dark if you want to be safe in Dallas.

Are visitors safe in Dallas?

Yes, but only if visitors exercise caution, as in all major cities. Violent crimes don't really affect tourists in Dallas.

It is true that crime is not exceptionally high and is associated with drug trafficking, gang battles, and account settling. As a result, it is concentrated in a few places that are rarely visited by visitors.

Additionally, Dallas' tourist and cultural attractions are located distant from dangerous areas and perfectly safe for visitors.

Is traveling alone safe in Dallas?

If you know which locations to avoid, Dallas may be a secure destination for lone travelers. There are risks associated with being alone in a large metropolis like Dallas, such as petty theft.

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